The '90s Supermodel Bob: A Timeless Trend Reborn 2023

90s Supermodel Bob - Hair trends may ebb and flow, but one style that stands unwavering is the classic bob haircut. And guess what's making a fierce comeback? It's the '90s supermodel bob, a nod to the iconic styles that defined an era of beauty and sophistication.

Also dubbed the flipped bob or "flob," the '90s supermodel bob seamlessly combines the best of both worlds. Imagine Cindy Crawford's voluminous bombshell blowout merging with the easy elegance of Christy Turlington's beloved bob. This isn't just a look—it's an embodiment of practicality and style in perfect harmony.

Magic of the '90s supermodel bob? 

Celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena spills the beans. "The flob cut maintains the classic bob's line and length, but with a refreshing twist. The top layers are all about texture, making it lighter and effortlessly flippable," he reveals. Mena's expertise unravels the mystery—while regular bobs can feel weighty during a hair flip due to their no-part cut, the flob is all about multi-part styling. Think middle, left, and right parts, culminating in texturized ends that bring your hair to life with movement.

In simple terms, the '90s supermodel bob is your go-to solution for amping up volume and texture in short hair. The list of enthusiasts is impressive—Zendaya, Hailey Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian, Aubrey Plaza, Kerry Washington, and more have all embraced this retro revival.

According to Mena, the key to achieving that luscious '90s supermodel bob volume lies in the subtle layers. "These layers are so delicate and seamlessly blended that they're almost invisible," he points out. When you request your hairstylist for ultra-light layers, you're setting the stage for the coveted volume. The hair flip is pivotal here—it infuses body by molding the hair cuticle with each toss, just like rolling your hair around a roller.

Beyond its volume and texture, the flob aligns perfectly with the shift towards low-maintenance hair trends. As balayage takes a step back, and the era of lazy hot girl hair takes the forefront, the flob fits right in. Mena explains, "We've witnessed an era of highly styled looks that felt off-limits. The flob signifies a departure from that, as women opt to shed old balayaged colors, bid farewell to split ends, and embrace their natural hair, all while indulging in flips and playful movement."

In addition to its style credentials, the flob is an effortless choice for styling and restyling. "You can style your flob one day, and when you wake up the next, a simple reset at the top brings it back to life," Mena reassures.

Ready to embark on your '90s supermodel bob journey? 

It all begins with a shift in your hair care routine. Swap out your regular shampoo and conditioner for volumizing alternatives, applying conditioner only to the ends. Mena's next tip? Wet hair and mousse are a match made in heaven. "I've been favoring Leonor Greyl's mousse, light and non-sticky, and Pantene's fantastic mousse too," he suggests.

Once mousse and heat protectant are in place, your choice of drying tools comes into play—opt for a blow-dryer and round flat brush or embrace the Dyson AirWrap or Trademark Beauty Easy Blo. Mena's pointer? Reserve mousse for the roots, especially with the flob. "A little on the ends goes a long way."

To style like a pro, Mena recommends using a round brush for the top, sectioning it into inch-and-a-half portions, and setting them in rollers. As you get ready, let the rollers work their magic. Once set, the hair will come alive with flip-worthy movement and touchable charm.

And the grand finale? A spritz of texturizing spray on the roots, coupled with light, flexible hairspray all over. A gentle brush-through with a vent brush delivers the ultimate flourish—fluffy, voluminous locks that exude a runway-ready aura.

Ready to rock the '90s supermodel bob with confidence? Prepare to turn heads and relive an era of timeless elegance with a modern twist. Your close-up moment awaits—scroll below to find all you need for your '90s supermodel bob transformation.

90s Supermodel Bob Trend Hair Inspo

Cindy Crawford Bob
Cindy Crawford

Christy Turlington Bob
Christy Turlington

Zendaya Bob Hair

Danielle Campbell Bob hair
Danielle Campbell

Hailey Bieber Bob hair

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