16 Hottest TikTok Hair Trend & Ideas to Show Your Stylist!

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centriumsquare.xyz – From cool layered haircuts to bold skunk stripe hair, TikTok hair trends are all over the place—and they’re not going away anytime soon. TikTok is like the perfect spot for hair ideas. It brings cool trends right to your phone, and you can see them from all angles in short videos. That means you can actually see how each haircut or hair color looks when it’s moving, on someone just like you. Basically, it’s making beauty and trends easier for everyone to understand.

“We’re getting smarter about beauty stuff. Like hair, nails, makeup – it’s all part of what we’re into now,” says famous hairstylist Marc Mena. “Social media makes it simple to learn new things, like putting in extensions or cutting cool bangs.” So, all you need is a phone (and TikTok) to become a beauty whiz.

Here’s a list of 16 super popular hair trends from TikTok that you might want to show your hairstylist (unless you’re into doing things yourself). So, get ready to take some screenshots!

16 Tiktok Hairstyles Ideas You Can Try With Your Favorite Salon

16 Tiktok hair Trend

1. Butterfly Cut

Imagine a butterfly’s beauty, but in your hair! The
butterfly cut is flying high on TikTok, with nearly 5 billion views. Wonder
why? It’s not just a trend; it’s a style that suits everyone. This cut adds
volume, bounce, and texture to any hair type.

16 Tiktok hair Trend

2. Two-Toned Neon: Bright and Bold

Picture neon lights in your hair – that’s the new thing!
Neon hair color has racked up a whopping 9 billion views. And if you’re into
e-girl vibes, you’re in luck. The two-toned look with pops of neon is trending
like crazy.

16 Tiktok hair Trend

3. Statement Extensions: Long and Luxe

Extensions are a big deal on TikTok, scoring 2 billion
views. The coolest way to rock them? Think super-long ponytails or braids that
steal the spotlight.

16 Tiktok hair Trend

4. Wavy Lob: The Beachy Charm

Lobs are the long bobs that have captured nearly 100 million
views on TikTok. But here’s the twist: “wavy lobs” are the real stars
with 20 million views. Inspired by Ana de Armas’s style in Deep Water, it’s a
dream come true for your hair.

16 Tiktok hair Trend

5. Curtain Bangs: Frame Your Face

Curtain bangs are all about flattering your face. With
almost 2 billion views for #curtainbangs and 1 billion for “DIY curtain
bangs,” you know they’re a hit.

16 Hair Tiktok Trends

6. Wolf Cut: Edgy and Effortless

The wolf cut is the new shag, bringing edgy vibes to all
hair lengths and types. It’s no surprise it’s already got 1.3 billion views on

16 Tiktok Hair Trends

7. Chunky Highlights: 90s Comeback

Chunky highlights from the 90s are back, and they’re huge on
TikTok. Words like “highlights,” “chunky highlights,” and
“balayage” together have a mind-blowing 12 billion views.

Tik Tok hair

8. Zigzag Parts: Unconventional Chic

Bella Hadid’s zig-zag part is all the rage, with #zigzagpart
getting a cool 200 million views. Coincidence? Probably not!

Tik Tok Hairstyles

9. Chin-Length Layers: Trendy and Chic

Chin-length layers, aka chin bangs, are taking TikTok by
storm. Together, they’ve hit 100 million views, and you can bet they’re not
stopping there.

Tik Tok Hairstyles Trending

10. Blunt Bobs: Classic and Cool

Bobs are a forever favorite on TikTok, with “bob
haircut” boasting 305 million views. “Short bob” and “blunt
cut” join the club with 400 million and 100 million views, respectively.

16 Tik Tok Hair Popular

11. Dip-Dyed Ends: Fun and Colorful

Crazy colors are in, but dip-dyed ends are the real stars.
TikTok is flooded with videos of amazing transformations.

Tiktok Hair Popular

12. Bombshell Blowouts: 90s Glam Revival

The bombshell blowout from the 90s is making a comeback, and
it’s even brought volumizing dry brushes along for the ride.

Popular tik Tok Hair Trends

13. Face-Framing Money Pieces: Y2K Revival

The Y2K money piece highlight trend is back with a
vengeance. It’s got so many names – butterfly balayage, face-framing highlights
– it’s hard to count all the views, but they’re huge!

Trending Tik Tok Hair

14. Braided Tendrils: Cute and Chic

Braided tendrils and baby braids are a TikTok favorite,
racking up a massive 8 billion views. Celebs like Hailey Bieber, Olivia
Rodrigo, and Bella Hadid have rocked this look.

Trending Tik Tok Hairstyles

15. Octopus Cut: Layers Galore

The octopus cut is a mix of long layers, shag, and grown-out
bob, all in one. “Octopus haircut” is rocking 3.4 billion views

Tik Tok Hair Trending Hairstyles Popular

16. Skunk Stripe Hair: Bold and Brave

Skunk stripe hair is making a mark with nearly 200 million
views on TikTok. Even searches for the two-toned look have soared by 800% in a
year. Celebs like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa are totally nailing it.

So, there you have it, the hair trends that are owning TikTok. Get ready to show your hairstylist some serious inspiration!

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