34+ Popular Korean Hairstyle Inspo (Perm Hair) 2023

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Centriumsquare – What are Korean perms hairstyle and why are they so popular? If you’re like me and enjoy watching Korean dramas, you’ve probably noticed the beautiful long hair of the actresses. They have such beautiful hair. Yes, I know they have personal stylists who work on their hair for hours before a session, but wouldn’t it be nice to have beautiful locks and hair like them? But wait… maybe we can? The secret may lie in the Korean perm technology.

There are numerous perm trends and options on the market, there seems to be an endless list of perms: hippie perm, lovely perm, magic perm, wavy perm, C curl perm, S curl perm, baby perm to name a few, but you are looking for pretty, delicate and elegant hairstyles, you should consider getting a Korean perm.

A Korean perm is a great way to add texture and volume to your hair locks while remaining thin and soft. The adorable, natural look will complement any of your favorite Korean hairstyles, from the huch  to curtain bangs even braids and ponytails!

Interested in learning Korean hairstyle perming? Below, I’ll explain what a Korean perm is, how to style permed hair, and different Korean permed styles to try, including options for short and long hair.


What Are Korean Permed Hairstyles?

While getting your hair permed usually results in tight, bouncy curls that are as curly as they can be, the Korean perm is not the same and is quite different from our traditional permed styles. Korean perms, in general, are more subtle and delicate, whether applied to short or long hair, for men or women. If you want a natural wavy look that doesn’t overwhelm you, the Korean perm is the way to go.

There are numerous perm trends and options on the market, but if you are looking for delicate and elegant hairstyles, you should consider getting a Korean perm. A Korean perm is a great way to add texture and volume to your locks while remaining subtle and soft. The adorable, natural look will complement any of your favorite Korean hairstyles, from the huch cut to curtain bangs to even braids and ponytails.

With this perm style, you can go for a more natural look or add additional styling for a more defined look, depending on your preference. Either way, you’ll be flaunting your hair every day.


How to Style Korean Perms Hairstyle Like K-Idol?

Twirling your curls with your fingers while applying curl defining products adds definition and bounce. Try flipping your head forward and scrunching it upside down to add volume to your Korean Perm. However, avoid twirling or scrunching your curls too frequently throughout the day, as this will cause frizz.


TOP 20 Korean Perm Hairstyles & Ideas for Women

Here are the top 20 Korean permed hair for any style or color :

1. Korean Pixie With Subtle Texture (Leaf Perm)


This look shows how the pixie cut works with the tousled long bangs to frame the face and add bounce.


2. Korean Layered Bob With Volumes (Vague Perm)


Add Korean bangs to the bob to give it a more youthful appearance while removing the heaviness of its short length.


3. Rounded Bob With C Curl Ends (Bonnie Perm)


Try a bob with large c-curl ends to add volume and a lovely vibe to your hair. It also looks great with Korean wispy bangs (see-through bangs) or curtain bangs (side bangs)!


4. Korean Bob With J Curl Ends (Mods Perm)


The Bonnie perm features c curls, whereas the Mods perm features j curls at the tips. It’s ideal for those who prefer a voluminous yet clean appearance.


5. Super Straight Bob (Korean Volume Magic Perms)


The Sleek perm will provide you with a natural look that focuses on straightening your bob. If you want to try the latest Korean hairstyle, this is without a doubt the way to go.


6. Face-Framing Korean Bob With Waves


This Koran perm looks trendy and elegant with soft waves in a natural brown tone and is best for above-the-shoulder length. The best part? It frames your face naturally as it is combined with c-curls and s-curls for the most polished look.


7. Shoulder-Length Hair With C Curls (Wind Perm)



The layers in this korean perm style also make your hair look natural, soft, and light, making it ideal for growing out your bob.

8. Layered Medium Hair With Side Bangs (Build Perm)


This Korean perm adds two different curls, c curls on the side and s curls on the back, for the perfect voluminous hairdo.


9. Medium to Long Wavy Hair (Flower Perm)

The flower perm on medium to long hair is such a stunning look for a feminine and lovely style. It adds voluminous curls to fine hair and is ideal for those who want to try the trendiest Korean hairstyle. Warm brown hair is also a popular hair color trend in Korea, and it looks so soft and polished.


10. Layered Medium Hair With C Curls (Border Perm)


The soft Korean perm emphasizes a feminine, classy vibe with layered medium hair and wispy bangs.


11. Korean Perms With C Curls and S Curls (Radi Perm)


This korean perm style softening the overall look. It has a mixed style that combines c-curls and s-curls to produce elegant and stylish waves.


12. Korean Hush Cut With C Curls (Hug Perm)


This hairstyle features a hush haircut (a Korean layered cut) with “C” curled ends and gives you a sleek, chic texture and shine with long layers. It is especially popular in the summer as it appears soft and light, and it looks great with highlights, even on dark hair.


13. Medium to Long Loose Waves (Smooth Perm)


The combination of subtle layers gives your hair body and movement, while side bangs effortlessly frame your features. Just make sure that the shortest layers are only there to frame the face; otherwise, the majority of the layers should be mid-length.


14. Straight Long Hair With Sleek Bangs (Sleek Perm)


When you’re in a hurry, you can use this korean perm by wear your hair up in a bun or leave it straight and simple. They will also appear smooth and sleek with little effort.


15. Long Hair With Soft Layers (Eaffle Perm)


This is one of the least-maintenance Korean perms on the list, and it is appropriate for any occasion, from a formal meeting to a casual brunch with friends.

16. Long and Voluminous Waves (Grace Perm)

This korean perm style very similar to the Elizabeth Perm, except the waves are more outwardly directed, giving it a more free and gorgeous appearance. This definitely fits into the “Goddess” look, which effortlessly frames the facial features while adding length and volume.


17. Layered Long Hair With Side Bangs (Elizabeth Perm)


This korean perm hair is voluminous, loose waves enhance the sophistication and femininity of your long hair. It may appear difficult to style with some face-framing bangs and light layers, but all you need to do is blow-dry


18. Subtle Layered Long Hair With Loose Waves (Sand Perm)


Korean bangs that effortlessly frame your face shape. The best part? It’s simple to care for and complements any style, from updos to buns to ponytails with trendy hair accessories.


19. Thick Waves (Pring Perm)


Choose this korean perm if you want something more subtle and natural. I can’t take my eyes off of this clean, elegant look in black hair.


20. Korean Rain Perms (Hippie Perm)


Curls begin near the roots and extend all the way to the ends, as seen in these two Korean perms. It creates waves with the s-curl perm, giving you a natural, seamless look.


21. Long Hush Cut With C Curls (Hug Perm)


This korean perm hairstyle has long layers and c-curled ends for a clean, polished look. It looks even more natural and seamless with face framing pieces in the front.


22. Lightweight Long Layered Hair With Loose Curls (Rene Perm)


To make it work for your face shape, have the face-framing haircut in the front. Long, side-swept bangs balance out the volume in the rest of your hair, giving you a more polished and sophisticated appearance.


23. Long Hair With C Curls (Rash Perm)


Adding curls only to the ends of your hair is another excellent way to achieve a low-effort, easy-to-style look. You can concentrate the curls on the ends of the style by leaving the top straight.


24. Two-Tone Hair Color With Korean Perms


Two-tone hair color is one of the most trendy options. Despite the fact that it is bold, you can choose subtler colors that are smoother, enhancing the natural shine of the look.

So there you have it, a full list of the most popular Korean perms for women. Which of these hairstyles did you like the best? Which one are you going to try next? Share this to yout firend.

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