Guide How to Unlock Competitive Play Mode in Overwatch 2 (Update)

How to Unlock Competitive Play Mode in Overwatch 2


Guide How to Unlock Competitive Play Mode in Overwatch 2

Centriumsquare Blog - In this article we will share it to you requirements that must be met on How to unlock competitive play in Overwatch 2.

While there are plenty of multiplayer modes to choose from in Overwatch 2, all players will want to unlock Competitive Play to get along with players of higher skill levels. Competitive play is Overwatch 2's ranked mode and is key to earning Competitive Points and completing certain challenges. In this article we will explain how to unlock competitive play in Overwatch 2 for returning and new player so you can start climbing the ranks and become the top ranker.

Overwatch 2's competitive play unlock feature works a little differently than it did in the first game. Previously, players had to reach level 25 to unlock competitive play. However, since player levels no longer exist in Overwatch 2, the requirements for Competitive play have changed.

How to unlock competitive mode in Overwatch 2

Anyone who played their first Overwatch and managed to play competitive mode will gain instant access to ranked matchmaking when playing Overwatch 2. However, unlike returning players, for  newcomers unlocking competitive mode in overwatch 2 you need to Grind Quick PlayMatches and play through a new system that introduces them to characters and gameplay features (tutorial) to get access to matchmaking.

In order for new players to unlock Competitive Mode, they must complete a First-Time User Experience (FTUE), a mission-focused system that introduces players to all of Overwatch 2's heroes, maps, and modes.

It will take some time to complete FTUE, but after players pass the experience, they will be one step closer to unlocking matchmaking. Along with completing the FTUE tutorial, new players must also win 50 Quick Play matches (unranked) to unlock competitive play in Overwatch 2. This includes both turn queue and unlock queue modes. 

Note that what is required is to win 50 matches, not just play them. Players can see how many Quick Play matches they have won by going to the Stats tab on their career profile and filtering by Quick Play in the drop-down menu.

Winning the required 50 Quick Play games will complete the Competitive Play Qualifying Challenge, granting access to all competitive modes. Other competitive challenges reward players with new player titles and competitive points that can be spent on gold weapon variants for each hero.

Skill Rank and Divisions

Competitive play is divided into several skill levels, each containing five divisions. Starting from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Top 500. Divisions are ranked five to one, with lower numbers indicating higher skill ranks. Skill levels are different for each hero role and will be partially reset at the beginning of each season.

Competitive Points (CP) are awarded for each win or draw during competitive play and are distributed separately to skill level for each turn. Players earn 15 CPs for each win and 5 CPs for each draw. Additional CP points can be earned for completing competitive challenges and are awarded at the end of each season.

Now that you know what it takes to unlock competitive play in Overwatch 2 for newcomer and returner player.

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