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TOP 9 Popular K-Pop Hairstyles For Women 2022

When somebody live in tropical climate which is well-known for its humidity all year round but even with that climate it will not stop us from slaying with these trendy Korean hairstyles for women!

So what kind of hairstyles that match with those reason? 

Here Top 10 Popular K-Pop Hairstyles For Women 2022

1. Pixie Cut

TOP 10 Korean Hairstyles For Women 2022

As seen on actress Lee Joo Young from K-drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo and Itaewon Class, the Pixie Cut is perfect for those with a fear of heat!

Song Ji Hyo from the popular South Korean variety show Running Man was also seen cutting her long hair into a pixie cut!
This super short hairstyle helps accentuate your texture and features while giving off an overall cool and elegant vibe.

See More Shorthair Pixie Cut From Korean Celebrities

2. 90's Korean Bob

TOP 10 Korean Hairstyles For Women 2022

Whether it's sleek or curly, the '90s Korean Bob looks great with or without bangs! As seen by celebrities like Lisa from Blackpink and Jung Hoyeon from The Squid Game, this hairstyle can give a mature, sophisticated or girl-next-door look!
Lisa from Blackpink and Ho-yeon from Squid Game with a 90s bob haircut

3. Wolf Cut

TOP 9 Popular K-Pop Hairstyles For Women 2022

A wolf cut is similar to a mullet cut but with more volume to resemble a wolf's mane. As it requires heat styling, it's not recommended for those with already damaged hair, but who can resist this cute hairstyle?

As this haircut continues to be trending in Korea, celebrities like Aiki (Kang Hye In) from The Street Fighter Woman can be seen serving girl with boss vibes!

4. C-Curl and S-Curls

TOP 10 Korean Hairstyles For Women 2022

Many may be confused over the difference between C-Curl (C컬 펌) and S-Curl perm (S 컬펌) but it’s not that hard!

C-Curl perm (C컬 펌) are permed only at the ends of the hair either inwards or outwards to create a bouncy texture when the rest of the hair is straightened. This can be done on any hair length and is perfect for those who want a youthful look!

For those who prefer to have an elegant look, S-Curl perm (S 컬펌) can be tight or soft curls that result in a voluminous textured hairstyle. This can be seen on IU during Korea’s 2021 Golden Disc Awards!

It is also possible to have a mixture of both curls to form more layers and texture to suit different face shapes!

5. Teddy Bear Hairstyle

TOP 10 Korean Hairstyles For Women 2022

For those who want voluminous hair, you can try curly hair! The teddy bear hairstyle is created with tight curls from root to end to give a fluffy and puffy look. As seen on (G) I-dle HyunA and YuQi, it can give off a sexy or cute princess vibe depending on how you style it. The teddy bear hairstyle is also popular with bangs as it gives extra volume and shapes the face for a cute look. This is perfect for those who tend to have flat hair!

6. Hime Cut

TOP 10 Korean Hairstyles For Women 2022


There are a few variations of the Hime cut but the traditional Hime cut consists of two sidelocks up to the jawline with long straight hair and straight bangs across the forehead. This may seem like a weird hairstyle at first but this trend has been gaining popularity with Korean celebrities and TikTokers!

Momo from Twice can be seen with a cute traditional Hime cut whereas Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation is slaying the Hime cut without bangs for a chic look!

7. Bangs That Can Last

TOP 10 Korean Hairstyles For Women 2022

People who have a wider or longer forehead usually gravitate to having bangs for a smaller forehead illusion. However, it may be a little tough to maintain in this humid weather we face.

Remember when Lisa from Blackpink trended for her unmovable bangs? We obviously cannot not talk about it in this list! Perfect for any hair length, Lisa’s iconic thick bangs are able to withstand the humid weather we have with the use of hairspray. Say no more to messy untamed bangs!

8. Airy Bangs

TOP 10 Popular Korean Hairstyles For Women 2022


Known as airy bangs, these bangs are one of the trendiest hairstyles in Korea! Starting out thin, the hair is trimmed to be longer at the sides to frame the face giving a softer look compared to Lisa’s bangs.

Suitable with any hair length, it can serve different looks for any occasion. These wispy bangs may be hard to maintain as it requires styling and a regular snip depending on how fast your hair grows but they can easily be swept to the side for a different look!

With our unpredictable weather, the airy bangs may be hard to keep up with as the wind and humidity may ruin the look! However, this can be fixed with a little spritz of hairspray just like the Lisa bangs.

9. Choppy Bangs

TOP 9 Popular K-Pop Hairstyles For Women 2022

For those who are more adventurous, choppy bangs are the in thing now! Choppy bangs are textured short bangs that balance long and round face shapes! Many K-Pop idols can be seen trying out this hair trend, such as Red Velvet’s Seulgi, HyunA, and MAMAMOO’s Wheein.

From simple to wacky hairstyles, these pretty Korean hairstyles for women suit different looks and modeled from popilar K-pop artist.

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